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The Sealcoating Process

The entire sealcoating process is managed from start to finish to lengthen the time your sealcoating will last and help to avoid blacktop cracks and patching.  

  • First:  we clean all of the cracks in the asphalt to be free of debris and weeds.
  • Next: we blow and brush the entire surface of your driveway or parking lot until it is dirt and dust free to guarantee the best adhesion.
  • Third: we fill all of the cracks with a hot rubber compound, heated to 400 degrees and then applied.
  • Next: the sealcoat is brushed carefully around the perimeter of your driveway to ensure no spatters on buildings or curbs.
  • Finally, we spray or brush on the sealcoat until the entire surface is covered.

For most residential driveways or walking paths, we brush on 1 layer of sealcoating.  (Please let us know if your driveway receives heavier than normal residential use so we can adjust our formula.)

For most commercial parking lots, we spray two thinner coats of blacktop sealer for a faster drying time.

After 24 hours your driveway or parking lot is ready for daily use!