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Customer Reviews

Thank you Quality Asphalt Services!

Quality Asphalt Services is the best asphalt maintenance company in Southern Minnesota! They came and crack-filled the parking lot for our family business did great work in timely fashion!

Kim J

Thank you Quality Asphalt Services!!

Quality Asphalt Services came and patched and filled the cracks in my driveway in Mankato, MN. They do great work for an affordable price! I would highly recommend Quality Asphalt Services to anyone in the Mankato area!

Grant C

We love our Sealcoat!

The sealcoat Shane applied for us looks fantastic! They are by far the best Asphalt Maintenance company in the Mankato, MN area! The sealcoat they use is something no other company has!

Sam S

There is No One like QAS!!

Quality Asphalt Services is a company unlike any other! No other company will keep an eye on your driveway to make sure it will actually last! QAS actually cares!!! Thank you guys!!

Shawn J

QAS did a great job on my parking lot!

We had some maintenance issues at our business' parking lot. QAS came and patched, crack-filled, seal coated and re-sealed and striped. They do great work in fashionable time!

Kevin S

Quality Products!

QAS only provides top of the line products that will actually last compated to any other company. We had our driveway once seal coated by another business and it lasted a year. Then QAS came and fixed their wrongdoings, and now our driveway looks great! There's something to be said about quality!

Judy G

Great Driveway Repair!

I thought all hope was lost in repairing my driveway, until I called up Quality Asphalt Services. They came over and reassured me that there is no task they could not handle! Their cofidence and workmanship was unlike anything I've ever seen! In just a short time my driveway was repaired to the best shape I've seen it since I had moved in. I would highly recommend QAS to anyone looking for help!

Nick T.

I'd Refer Quality Asphalt Services to Anyone with an Asphalt Surface!

Shane stops by periodically to check on how we are doing as well as our driveway he sealed.  He takes such good care of us and puts a personal touch in everything! You just don't get that from anyone anymore!

Ron J

Quality Asphalt Services is 100% Accurate!

Shane has built his business on providing quality products and services for a reasonable price.  There is no one like them. They genuinely care about helping me maintain my asphalt driveway to make it last a lifetime. Their seal coat is a fraction of the price to repave or overlay the asphalt and well worth the investment!

Gary G

Best Asphalt Maintenance Company Around!

Shane gave us an estimate right on the spot and ended up actually charging us less than what he originally quoted! His reasoning was that he didn't end up using as much penetrating seal coat as he originally thought it would need. Quality Asphalt Services is a one in a million business in regards to the all around service and quality work! Thanks Shane!

Amy D